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Chocolate Cake with Baileys Irish Cream Cheese Icing

It was mum’s birthday last week and I wanted to make her a birthday cake. As I flicked through various recipes online, I started thinking about some of her favourite flavours. That’s when I thought of Bailey’s Irish Cream. I narrowed down my search until I found a few cake recipes that include Bailey’s.

In the end I used a combination of recipes – one for a chocolate cake and the other for a Bailey’s cream cheese icing. The result was delicious! Mum loves the cream cheese icing on a carrot cake, so the combination of cream cheese and Baileys was a bonus.

Read on for the full recipe!

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Fruit Mince Pies


This is a recipe I’ve put together from a number of sources, and tweaked over the last couple of years.  Please be aware that the quantities for the fruit mince are enough to make about 60-70 pies, while the pastry will make about 30.  The fruit mince filling will keep in the fridge for several weeks, so I normally make a couple of batches of pastry over a few weeks and keep using the same batch of filling.  Alternatively, you could just halve the filling ingredients to make the right quantity for a single batch of pastry.

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