USA 2013

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Venice Beach

Today was the last day of my holiday. My flight out of LAX was 11.30pm so I still had the full day to explore a bit more of Los Angeles. I packed up my bags and left them at the apartment, then sent a message to Molly to say I’d […]

The Vegas Strip

Today was my day to explore the Vegas Strip. Until now, I hadn’t really gone far from my hotel and there were plenty of places I wanted to check out. I had breakfast at the second cafe, where I got a coffee and a massive breakfast bagel filled with bacon, […]

Grand Canyon

Today was a really exciting day. I had an early start, but it was worth it. I’d booked a day trip to the grand canyon, and was being picked up at the hotel at 7.40am. I got ready, then went downstairs for breaky. My accommodation included a $9 breakfast credit […]

Vegas, Baby!

Today was a travel day. Throughout my holiday most flights had been scheduled at night, but this was a morning flight. In future I think I’d try harder to have all my flights of an evening, because it seems to make much better use of the day. My bags were […]


This afternoon I had a trip to Alcatraz booked for 2.30pm, which left me the morning to explore more of the city. It was a beautiful clear day which was a pleasant change after the rain the day before. I hadn’t spent much time in Downtown San Francisco, so I […]

A quiet day in San Francisco

Today was Memorial Day across the US. In my mind this is something similar to Anzac Day in Australia, which means a lot of places are closed for the day. Earlier in my trip I had thought it would be a good day for Alcatraz, but unfortunately I left it […]