Europe 2008

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We started the day quite early so we would be in the city in time for our Third Reich walking tour. Unfortunately it was a wet day which put a bit of a ‘dampener’ on the tour, but still it was interesting and a good way to see some of […]

Monday in London

I’ve decided to skip to now since it’s fresh in my mind, then I’ll post about the last few places we visited later on. So, today I wandered London with a few places in mind. It’s great sleeping in and not having to rush breakfast – thanks Amy and Lee […]

From Prague to Belin…

As usual for a driving day, it was another early wake up. Fortunately this trip was broken up with a stop at Dresden. It was Sunday, so not much was open, but we still had a nice walk through the palace and had time to find lunch. Having learnt from […]

A day in Prague

Fortunately our day in Prague was a free day, which meant there was nothing planned by Topdeck. This was good because after the fire alarm a sleep-in was just what I needed! We had breakfast about 8:30 (not particularly late, but compared to 6:30 the day before that’s a huge […]

A live update

Hi everyone. It’s been a few days since I posted, and I’m a few cities behind where I actually am, so I thought I’d make a quick post about now. Our tour ended two days ago, and I’m in London at the moment staying with Amy. Bud left for Sri […]


We started our day very early, because we had a tour of Auschwitz scheduled for 8am. So, breakfast at 6.30, then onto the bus! We visited two of the concentration camps – Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II, Birkenau. The first was the smaller of the two, and also older. The […]


Our day in Krakow began with a tour of the Jewish Quarter to see the sites from the film Schindler’s list. Unfortunately it was cloudy and raining, although the rain cleared up as the day went on. In Eastern Europe the weather hasn’t been as hot as the west, and […]

On to Polland

After a busy day in Budapest, it was on to Krakow in Polland. A detour early in the drive meant we travelled through a couple of small towns in Hungary which were quiet and pretty (although the detoured traffic propably spoilt the peace for the locals…) There weren’t any exciting […]

A day in Budapest

Before I tell about our adventures in Budapest, here’s the enormous steak platter Bud had for dinner on our first night there. The restaurant was called Fatal, and the meals really were fatal! So…the hostel in Budapest was average, and didn’t even have anywhere for breakfast. So far, all the […]