Starting my family tree

Late last year, a group of people at work were discussing their family origins.  Someone asked where my family is from, and I told them I wasn’t really sure.  I knew my ancestors had come from England and Ireland at some point, but I didn’t know when or exactly where […]

Pancakes with Caramel Sauce and Banana

I was just tidying out my drafts folder, and found this recipe from March last year! Not sure why I never actually posted it, but this is a very easy and very yummy breakfast indulgence. Caramel Sauce Ingredients 1 1/2 cups caster sugar 1/2 cup water 2/3 cups brown sugar […]


A couple of weeks ago my friend had an Asian themed party. My contribution was okonomiyaki. I had made these previously, but for the party I made smaller ‘finger food’ sized pancakes. They worked really well, with everyone enjoying them. The original recipe was recommended by another friend from Iron […]

Hot Cross Buns

Introduction It’s almost Easter, which means it’s time for Hot Cross Buns!  I made a batch on the weekend, and wanted to share the recipe.  Each time I make them the ratio of spices seems to change slightly, so feel free to experiment and post back any suggestions in the […]

Fruit Mince Pies

Introduction This is a recipe I’ve put together from a number of sources, and tweaked over the last couple of years.  Please be aware that the quantities for the fruit mince are enough to make about 60-70 pies, while the pastry will make about 30.  The fruit mince filling will […]

Rooting HTC Desire and installing CyanogenMod7

A couple of months ago I rooted my HTC Desire and installed Cyanogen Mod 7 (CM7).  The process was a bit fiddly as I worked my way through various guides and a couple of discussions on the CM7 IRC channel, but I got there.  Now, three months later I’m doing […]