Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

I started researching my family tree at the beginning of last year. During my initial research I spent a lot of time searching the various state Birth, Death and Marriage indexes. I’ve decided to write a series of blog posts summarising the information available in each registry and tips I’ve […]

Ok Google…Is there anything you don’t know?

Since Google Now first appeared on my Nexus 4 in 2013 I’ve been continually impressed by the little bits of information it has offered up.  At first it was the small things like the weather in my current location, or if I was away from home then it would let […]

Pallet Garden

At the end of last year I saw some vertical gardens on Pinterest made from old pallets. The idea appealed to me, and I decided to try making my own. Fortunately there was a spare pallet on the job site where my brother was working, so he brought it home […]

Skiing at Falls Creek

On Friday I arrived home from a week at Falls Creek.  We had amazing weather, and there was lots of snow coverage. I carried my Bryton Rider 20+ in my jacket pocket to track my runs, and loaded them up into the BrytonSport website. Here’s a handy Google Map layering our […]

Returning to Melbourne General Cemetery

Following my visit to the Melbourne General Cemetery just after Christmas, I returned on New Year’s Day when the office was open. When I first visited, I had a copy of the cemetery record for plot 767 which listed four people. When I found the grave, there were five people […]

Tracking down my ancestors’ graves

Yesterday I went on an adventure to three cemeteries in Melbourne, to track down the graves of my ancestors. I was able to find the three graves I was searching for at the Melbourne General Cemetery, Boroondara Cemetery in Kew, and Box Hill Cemetery. It was a very rewarding experiences, […]

Family Tree Poster Printout

It’s almost a year since I started researching and documenting my family tree.  I’ve been gathering all my information and recording my tree online using Webtrees.  I’ve found this to be a great tool for documenting my family tree because it’s easy to update and I can link all the […]

Marriage Certificates To Share

Throughout my family tree research, I’ve purchased a number of Marriage Certificates of my ancestors.  For the older records, I’ve found that multiple records were often documents on a single page, so that along the way I’ve acquired several certificates for people who are not related to me. Thought I’d […]

Attack of the spider mites

I bought a pot plant from Bunnings a couple of years ago.  The tag says it’s a Codiaeum Croton. It doesn’t flower, but has nice leaves with red and yellow patches.  It doesn’t seem to like too much water, so I soak it once a week, then let it dry out […]