Family Research

At the end of 2013 I started researching my family tree. This page is a collection of the various sources I’ve used when researching, in the hopes that this might be useful to other people researching their family trees, particularly researchers from Australia.

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Australian Registries of Births, Deaths and Marriages

The various state Registries of Births, Deaths and Marriages are a great starting place when researching family history. A complete listing of all the registries can be found on the Federal Government’s Births, Deaths and Marriages website.

Unfortunately, not all states are created equally and the indexes are managed by different organisations in each state. Some are administered by government bodies, while others are run by genealogy societies or libraries.  As such, the amount of information available, cost of certificates and processing times can vary by state.  The table below provides a summary of each state.

State Births Marriages Deaths Cost Processing time*
ACT n/a 1930-1940 1930-1985 $43 physical copy 5 business days
NSW >100 years >50 years >30 years $31 digital or physical Unknown
NT^  – $43 physical copy 3 business days
QLD 1829-1915 1829-1940 1829-1985 $20 digital copy 10 business days
SA 1842-1928 1842-1937 1842-1972 $22 for transcription 1 week
TAS 1803-1933 1803-1899 1803-1933 Free digital copy n/a
VIC 1853-1914 1853-1942 1853-1988 $24 digital copy Unknown
WA 1841-1932 1841-1936 1841-1971 $34 physical copy 2 business days
* Processing time is from receipt of request and does not include Australia Post delivery times
^ NT database cannot be searched online, but an application for a certificate can be submitted. Contact the Registrar-General’s Office to confirm if you are authorised to request a certificate.

So far my research hasn’t taken me to each of the states, but for those I have used in more detail I will be writing a series of blog posts summarising my experience.  Follow a link below to view the individual post.