Europe 2008

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What a drive!

Sitting in Vienna at the moment – just arrived this afternoon. It wa clear skies, sunshine and 30 degrees when we got here. We were walking past some shops, and there was a Barometer in a window saying there was a likely chance of rain. We laughed and walked on, […]

The Swiss Alps

What a fun day! We woke pretty early to catch the Jungfrau railway up the mountain. It was a pretty slow journey, but the countryside was lovely which helped to pass the time. As we got higher, a lot of the track went through tunnels (I was disappointed we left […]

Paris to Lauterbrunnen

Before I go on, there are some pictures linked at the right of the blog. If you click the link below they should come up bigger. I’m uploading them from my phone, and for some reason they’re hidden until I click a button on the computer, so hopefully I’ll work […]

A day in Paris

Hi everyone. Firstly, my apologies for any typos or lack of punctuation – the keyboard layout is different here (most symbols are in a different place…) so I keep hitting the wrong keys. Anyway…we’re in Italy at the moment – just had a day in Venice. The weather everywhere has […]

The journey begins…

We were up at the wee hours of the morning (about 5:30!) for the tour. We had to be in the lobby by 6:30 for a 7:00 departure. The hostel provided cereal and toast for breakfast each morning which was handy, so we managed to eat something quickly as well. […]


Hello everyone. Thanks for your comments and good wishes! Great to hear from everyone. We’re in Nice at the moment, and are taking the morning to do some laundry and catch up on ourselves – it’s been a busy few days! London was great. We only had one day there, […]

The journey so far…

Hello! The last few days have been very exciting, and pretty exhausting. Our flights to Tokyo went well, except that our luggage was left behind at Brisbane. We filled out a form at Narita airport, and they told us that our luggage would meet us in London. So, with no […]


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