Europe 2008

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A stop off at Bratislava

Left Vienna after breakfast, headed for Budapest in Hungary. On the way we stopped at Bratislava in Slovakia for about 90 minutes. We wandered the market briefly, then grabbed some lunch. Lauren, our tour guide, had recommended some fancy looking pizza cones (pizza base shapped like an ice cream cone, […]

Venice to Vienna

Today was a pretty long bus trip, leaving at 7:45 and getting to Vienna about 4pm. We didn’t visit anywhere special along the way, but the scenary was beautiful as we made our way across Austria. It was a Saturday that we arrive, at about 5:30pm, and most of the […]

Gondola anyone?

Our visit to Venice was lovely. We headed into the town by shuttle bus, then walked the canals to the centre of town. The morning began with a peaceful gondola ride through the canals. The town was very pretty, and (surprisingly) didn’t smell all that much (there was an occasional […]

To Venice, via Verona

Another bus day, this time headed to Venice. It was a long day, filled with lots of driving. The regular toilet and snack stops in the morning, but a more interesting stop at Verona in the afternoon. Verona is the home to Romeo and Juliet, and we were able to […]


Our day in Rome was an early and busy one. Most of us were booked on a tour of Vatican City, which meant we could go in before it opens to the public, and skip the queue (some people didn’t do the tour, but queued up anyway. They started queueing […]


Since we had been staying at the campsite outside of the city, we didn’t get a chance to visit Florence when we arrived. So, after leaving in the morning we went to the town where a walking tour had been organised. A local lady took us on a tour through […]

On to Florence

After a relaxing day on the French Riviera, it was time to continue our journey. We were headed to Florence. Unlike regular drive days, this one was broken up nicely. We had an early stop at a perfume factory near Nice and stop off at Pisa in the afternoon. The […]

So Nice…

Although Nice had been a bit disappointing the night we arrive, it certainly made up for it during the day. With the shops open and people out and about the city was much more attractive. There wasn’t anything planned by Topdeck so the day was ours. We slept in (only […]