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The Indonesian way…

Had my Indonesian oral this morning. And the Indonesian department never ceases to amaze me. I remember back at high school learning about a phrase they have – “jam karet” It translates literally to “rubber time” and sums up the general Indonesian attitude to life. So I had the first […]


Well…this post is a few days late, and I can’t work out how to back date them, but… On Monday my full license arrived!! So no more Ps for Derek, and no more silly 18 year old photo! Can’t say I’m all that happy with the new photo, but at […]

Eskimo Joe

I bought the Eskimo Joe “Black Fingernails Red Wine” album today. Thought I should, since I love their music so much. And, it’s the special ‘Beating Like a Drum’ edition with a bonus CD of 6 remixed tracks! Very cool!! I almost bought Mika’s “Life In Cartoon Motion” album as […]

Tiger shark?

This picture was on the front of the Herald Sun today, with the following caption: Odin is a big cat with dinner on his mind and he doesn’t let water spoil his appetite. The six-year-old Bengal tiger amazes zoo visitors by diving for raw meat in his own special pool. […]