Dusting off the cobwebs

My posts seem to come in fits and starts. I get enthusiastic and have a burst of posts, then I lose interest and don’t write anything for several months. It’s been 9 months since my last post, which is a bit disappointing.  I’m sure I have some stories to share relating to my family tree research, as well as a trip to Bali to write about and a few recipes I should post.

And so, to kick things off I’ve revamped the style of the blog.  The site has been largely unchanged for almost 5 years, so it’s well and truly time for an update.  With the shiny new theme set up (probably a few minor tweaks still to go), I’m saving a screenshot of the previous theme here as a keepsake.

Derek’s Den on September 11, 2017

And now, time to cast my mind back to March and write up some posts from my trip to Bali…

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