Our last day in Bali

Today was our last day in Bali.  We had a bit of a slow start, snacking on leftovers from dinner as we all packed our bags and tidied up the villa. Our plan for the day was to spend some time in Seminyak, then relax at a bar until time for our flight. The maid organised our transport with a friend, and we had trouble getting a definite time from her. She said it would be here ‘soon’, so we left our bags at the villa and walked up the laneway to grab some food while we waited.

Washing drying by the laneway next to our villa

The café on the corner near our villa had a delicious brunch menu and really nice coffee so it was a good place to wait for our ride. Just as we finished eating, the car arrived so we wandered back to the villa and loaded our bags. The car was just big enough to fit the seven of us, as well as our suitcases. We had booked the same driver all day so that we could leave our bags in the car and make the most of our time without having to worry about dragging our bags around with us. The driver dropped us in Seminyak near the Seminyak Square shopping centre, and we went to check out the spa upstairs. After looking at the menu, Ron wanted to try somewhere else so we left the others and arranged a time to meet afterwards.

Having had a couple of massages already, I wanted to spend some time wandering the shops so once Ron had decided on his treatment I left him in the cool indoors and went back out into the heat. I checked out the nearby shops, then wandered down the road looking for some market stalls to do some final souvenir shopping. I ended up walking a little further than anticipated and found myself down on the beach. Quite enjoying the walk, I made my way along the sand splashing my feet in the water until I came across another street lined with shops. Walking along the street, it felt vaguely familiar, and then I realised it was the street Mark and I had taken from our hotel to the beach last time we stayed in Bali!

I bought a few things from the shops there, then came out on the main road where I walked past our old hotel, The Haven, the supermarket we shopped at and a few cafes and restaurants we had visited. After a little while I came to some shops that Ron and I had already explored so, conscious of the time and getting tired from the walk and the heat, I jumped in a cab back to Seminyak Square to find Ron.

He had finished his massage and had just ordered an iced coffee in a café. I ordered one too, then the others emerged from the spa and had already been in contact with the driver to come and pick us up. We still had our coffees and food coming, so they went ahead without us and sent the driver back to get us. We had already paid for the full day, so he wasn’t really concerned by how far he actually drove. We had a bit of trouble finding him when he came back, made more difficult by the fact we couldn’t call but only had data access. Anyway, we found him then went to join the others at Potato Head beach club.

This place was amazing! The entrance was a bit intimidating, with security guards checking under the car with mirrors before letting us in, but once we were inside we managed to forget about the security and enjoyed the luxury inside. There was a large undercover restaurant area surrounding a lawn covered with couches and beach lounges. At the front of that was a pool, all overlooking the beach below. We joined the others for lunch and cocktails, before relocating to some chairs looking out over the sand. At this point Negah and Tek left for their flight back to Jakarta.

As the rest of us were chatting and sipping on cocktails, all of a sudden the weather changed and there was a massive downpour of rain. It was also very windy, and the rain was blowing sideways. It was amazing how quickly the couches and pool emptied as people hurried under cover, and the staff raced around the edge of the building to secure blinds and prevent the rain from blowing in. They had a battle on their hands as the wind caught the blinds and threatened to untie the ropes, but they managed to get it under control. They obviously had lots of practice.

Then, almost as quickly as it begun the rain stopped about half hour later. The people weren’t quite as quick to return to the banana lounges though. The staff opened the blinds, then armed themselves with mops and towels to dry up outside and prepare the lounges for everyone to return. It was impressive watching them work their way around all the lounges, as the sky changed from blue to yellow, to orange and pink. The sunset was beautiful, with the silhouette of umbrellas and palm trees in front of the crashing waves.

Sunset at Potato Head Beach Club

As it became dark, we decided to make a move and find dinner before our flight. We went to Bonita Warung, a small restaurant around the corner, and enjoyed our last dinner in Bali. After dinner we parted ways with Ilona who was spending another night with her friend, and Ron, Sarah and I went to the airport. Our timing at the airport was really good, and by the time we had explored duty free we didn’t have long to wait for the flight.

Landing back in Melbourne around 8am, we were at Ron’s by 9.30am and into the city for work by 10am. I managed to get some sleep on the plane and survived the day at work, but was very happy to get home that night and put my feet up.

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