A day in Prague

Fortunately our day in Prague was a free day, which meant there was nothing planned by Topdeck. This was good because after the fire alarm a sleep-in was just what I needed! We had breakfast about 8:30 (not particularly late, but compared to 6:30 the day before that’s a huge sleep in!)

We caught a tram into the city (me, Natasha, Lizzy and Sarah), and joined a free walking tour to see the sights. It was free, but the idea is that you tip the guide at the end of the tour. We figured that way it would work out cheaper than a paid tour, and if it was really bad we could tip less, not tip at all, or leave and not have wasted our money! In the square where the tour began there was a festival happening, with groups from different nations playing their traditional music. Then they paraded through the city, and we crossed paths with them on and off throughout the morning. It was interesting seeing some of the strange dances, and they were all dressed in traditional clothes as well.

Anway, the tour started off ok (although it was a bit hard to hear over all the music…), but there ended up being a lot of standing and listening, and not heaps of walking. After about an hour and a half we slipped down a side street and lost the group. It was nice to learn about some of the history, but they were stopping at a lot of small places that weren’t particularly interesting and we didn’t want to waste our time.

So after the tour we found a restaurant to rest our feet and refuel. After lunch we split up to wander the shops – we all wanted to get different things so that worked out quite well. There were heaps of crafty shops, with hand made wooden toys, souvenirs and marrionettes. I walked into one of the marrionette shops and there just inside the door was a Harry Potter puppet! I couldn’t resist, so bought it – the marrionettes are really detailed and delicate. There are small ones, big ones, fancy ones and more simple ones. Very impressive when they’re all hanging on a wall together, and dangling from the ceiling.

We met up after shopping, but Tash wanted to find a t-shirt, so Lizzy, Sarah and I headed over the river and up the hill to the castle. We stopped for a refreshing frappe on the way (Starbucks…) then took in the view. It was amazing – we could see over the whole city. It was really good that we’d already explored the city, because from the lookout we could see the places we’d been (much better than just a see of buildings).

We walked leisurely through the castle gardens on the way back to the tram stop and the hostel. We’d made plans with a few others to meet up again at 8pm for dinner then there was a five floor club that Lizzy and Sarah wanted to visit. It was a pretty cool place, with five different levels all playing a different style of music. Our favourite was the disco room with a flashing dance floor! Here’s a picture I’ve stolen from someone’s Facebook album…

dance floor

It was back to the hostel after that for a good night’s sleep before another bus day.

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