Wow! The Evermore concert was awesome!

First off, the seats were great. I haven’t been on the floor for a concert before, but it was amazing! I don’t think I’ve been that close to the stage either. We were in row E, so only five rows from the front! The only slight problem was we were kind of off to the side, but otherwise they were great!

The first support act was Kate Miller-Heidke. I’d heard a few of her songs before, but she was so funny on stage! At times quite and ‘proper’, but other times loud and angry. She would just be sitting at her keyboard singing away, then suddenly her tone would change and would get a lot louder all of a sudden. Her lyrics were quite amusing as well, in particular one about ‘Australian Idol’. After her performance she was in the foyer signing albums, so I bought one (yes…I bought it) and got it signed!! My first autographed CD! Woohoo!

The next act was Aqualung. They’re a UK group, and their music was pretty good too. Unfortunately they’d just gotten into Melbourne from Japan, and were pretty tired. And, they were missing their drummer and CDs to sell! I felt kinda sorry for them, because they did seem a bit disappointed. The singer warned us at one point that the song mightn’t work without the drummer, but a few bars in the crowd started clapping to the beat, and he gave a smile. So that was really nice.

And then Evermore came on. The show was great! Being on the floor meant we could stand up for a few of the songs, and we were really close so I got some great photos. There was a security guard about 2 metres away, but they weren’t stopping photos at all – not even with flashes! (thanks Palais!)

So we sung to most songs, and danced to a few. The show was recorded, and were on sale after the show! Unfortunately the burner broke…but I bought one anyway and they’re going to post them out later this week. I bought their normal album on the night as well and have added it to my fast growing collection. They were signing afterwards as well. We went for cake after the show, and came back about 45 minutes later and there was still a huge queue so we didn’t wait. Would’ve been cool, but not sure I could be bothered hanging around.

So yeah – it was a great night! No more concerts coming up soon…time to start looking again! Some pics online here as well.

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