Eskimo Joe

This room is like, the belly of a ghost...
This room is like, the belly of a ghost…
This room is like, the belly of a ghost…
That was the awesome beginning to the Eskimo Joe concert I went to last Friday…well, maybe not the official beginning because Little Birdy played to, but it was the beginning of Eskimo Joe’s act.
The night started with Little Birdy who played from about 9:00. To be honest, I hadn’t actually seen them before. And by that I don’t just mean live, I mean at all! So it was great to ‘meet’ the band members, and watch them on the stage. The main singer, Katy Steele (thanks Wikipedia!) was jumping around the stage playing her guitar and singing at the top of her lungs.

They sang heaps of songs, and were on for about 40 minutes. I think my favourite’s probably ‘Bodies’, but most of their songs are really catchy.

Here’s a pic or two of Little Birdy (yeah I know…they’re a little blurry. By the end of the night I finally worked out the camera’s settings! lol – for future reference…set it to ‘anti-blur/motion’)

So anyway, watching them got me all excited for Eskimo Joe!

And so…after a seemingly endless interval (25 mins!!) Eskimo Joe came on stage around 10:10 (well…it was more like 10:10 exactly because I was counting down the seconds!!)

They started with ‘Beating Like a Drum’ (now my official favourite song by anyone!) and the show just got better and better! They sounded so much better live than in recording (something I was a bit concerned about because I’d heard a rumour or two that they don’t do live all that well…)

The crowd was really getting into their music, with people dancing in the aisle, waving arms, clapping, and screaming at the top of their lungs.

It was interesting to see the crowd in the audience too. There was a real mix of ages, from under 15s up to 50 year olds! The theatres was packed, which added to the awesome atmosphere.

I took heaps of pics (check out my photo album) but at one point a security guy came over and told us not to. I think it was because the squealing girls behind me had their flash on. So, wanting to take more photos myself, I turned to them and shared the fact that if the flash isn’t on no-one will no and there’ll be no problems! So, thanks to that I managed to take 103 photos all up!

There wasn’t a single song they sung that I don’t like, and since the concert I’ve listened to their three albums again and again and love them all! (I was actually among the Top 6 listeners of Eskimo Joe at Last.FM this week!)

The effects were quite simple, but very effective. The video clips on the screen above added another depth to the songs, and I loved the lead singers shows and funky foot work! He was sliding around the stage, strumming on his guitar having a great time. They really interacted well with the audience as well. There were three encores, one of which included a cover of an older song (can’t remember which now…) and the girls behind us went totally wild each time they came back on the stage.

Something else that was cool was during the song ‘Sarah’ there’s a bit towards the end where he sings…

I think I am falling apart
I think I am losing the fight…

And for the bold bits he cupped his hands around his mouth to create an echo-y effect. I thought they must’ve done it electronically on their album (maybe they did??) but to see their creativity live was soooo cool!

So after all that, I went to their website yesterday and joined their mailing list – I don’t want to miss their next show! Wish I could be there again tonight!!

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