Library (52 Ancestors)

Growing up, the local library was somewhere I visited quite regularly for school assignments and projects. My visits became less frequent when I was at university because the university had its own library facilities, and more and more of the information I needed was moving online, removing the need to […]

First (52 Ancestors)

A new year, and a new attempt at the #52Ancestors challenge. Last year I only managed to stick at this for two weeks, so let’s see how far I get this year! With the theme of first I’m going to take a look at the first official documentation I reviewed when starting […]

Favourite photo (#52Ancestors)

Week 2 in Amy John’s #52Ancestors challenge is well underway, and I’m already a little behind on my writing. The difficulty this week has been in selecting a suitable photo!  I’ve browsed through my collection of photos several times, and each time a different photo has caught my eye for […]

Freshening up

I felt like a change, so I’ve updated the layout of my blog. Saving a screenshot of the previous layout just for posterity.

Start (#52ancestors)

A genealogist, Amy Johnson Crow, has posted the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge, in which she is encouraging anyone with an interest in family history to share something about their family research each week, based on a weekly prompt. To begin with, the first prompt is “Start”.

Replanting the pallet garden

It’s been just over three years since I built my pallet garden. Since then it has been relocated to a new address (not a fun exercise!) and I’ve had to replace a couple of plants, but in general it lasted quite well. Recently, however, it has started looking a bit […]

Parrot costume

The theme for my work Christmas party this year was jungle.  Excited by the possibilities this opened for costumes, we started brainstorming and searching the internet. We stumbled across a photo of someone dressed in feathers and decided a parrot costume would be fun. Searching for parrot costumes we found […]

Paropsides calypso and lilly pillies

Almost 12 months on and I have an update on the beetles which are eating our lilly pilly plants. At the time of writing my previous post on this topic, I had thought maybe my hunting had had an impact on the beetle population because throughout January and February I […]