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Pallet Garden

At the end of last year I saw some vertical gardens on Pinterest made from old pallets. The idea appealed to me, and I decided to try making my own. Fortunately there was a spare pallet on the job site where my brother was working, so he brought it home for me to use.

There are plenty of guides on the internet explaining how to make one, including this one on the Bunnings website. I read a few guides and ended up taking ideas from several. Here’s the result!

This post has become quite lengthy, so I’ve divided it into four key sections:

  1. Prepare your pallet
  2. Fill the pallet with dirt
  3. Plant your garden
  4. Make it vertical

At the end you’ll also find some handy tips I’ve learnt after maintaining the garden for a year.  Post a comment if you build one of your own or have any feedback!

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DIY Poster Hanger

I was given a Scratch Map for my birthday. The idea is you keep track of the countries you’ve visited by scratching them off to uncover the colourful map below.  The dilemma I faced was how to hang it on the wall.

I could have blue-tacked it to the wall, but I wanted to make a feature of it.  Framing it was no good, because I wouldn’t be able to scratch it under the glass. I thought about attaching it to corkboard, but had trouble finding one the right size and custom sizes were very expensive.

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