Pallet Garden

At the end of last year I saw some vertical gardens on Pinterest made from old pallets. The idea appealed to me, and I decided to try making my own. Fortunately there was a spare pallet on the job site where my brother was working, so he brought it home […]

Skiing at Falls Creek

On Friday I arrived home from a week at Falls Creek.  We had amazing weather, and there was lots of snow coverage. I carried my Bryton Rider 20+ in my jacket pocket to track my runs, and loaded them up into the BrytonSport website. Here’s a handy Google Map layering our […]

Returning to Melbourne General Cemetery

Following my visit to the Melbourne General Cemetery just after Christmas, I returned on New Year’s Day when the office was open. When I first visited, I had a copy of the cemetery record for plot 767 which listed four people. When I found the grave, there were five people […]

Tracking down my ancestors’ graves

Yesterday I went on an adventure to three cemeteries in Melbourne, to track down the graves of my ancestors. I was able to find the three graves I was searching for at the Melbourne General Cemetery, Boroondara Cemetery in Kew, and Box Hill Cemetery. It was a very rewarding experiences, […]

Family Tree Poster Printout

It’s almost a year since I started researching and documenting my family tree.  I’ve been gathering all my information and recording my tree online using Webtrees.  I’ve found this to be a great tool for documenting my family tree because it’s easy to update and I can link all the […]

Marriage Certificates To Share

Throughout my family tree research, I’ve purchased a number of Marriage Certificates of my ancestors.  For the older records, I’ve found that multiple records were often documents on a single page, so that along the way I’ve acquired several certificates for people who are not related to me. Thought I’d […]

Attack of the spider mites

I bought a pot plant from Bunnings a couple of years ago.  The tag says it’s a Codiaeum Croton. It doesn’t flower, but has nice leaves with red and yellow patches.  It doesn’t seem to like too much water, so I soak it once a week, then let it dry out […]

Chocolate Cake with Baileys Irish Cream Cheese Icing

It was mum’s birthday last week and I wanted to make her a birthday cake. As I flicked through various recipes online, I started thinking about some of her favourite flavours. That’s when I thought of Bailey’s Irish Cream. I narrowed down my search until I found a few cake recipes […]

DIY Poster Hanger

I was given a Scratch Map for my birthday. The idea is you keep track of the countries you’ve visited by scratching them off to uncover the colourful map below.  The dilemma I faced was how to hang it on the wall. I could have blue-tacked it to the wall, but […]