Missy Higgins

On Wednesday night I went with Nick, Andrew, Ryan and Amy to see Missy Higgins at the Palais. It was a much better night than I had expected! First off, Nick, Ryan and I went to ‘Soul Mama’, a vegetarian restaurant in the old St Kilda Baths. It’s a buffet […]

Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

Just got home from the movies with mum, my brother, my aunt and cousin. We went to see “Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End” Like the second film, it was no comparison to the first, but still it was an enjoyable film. Was good to see Johnny Depp […]

Death in "Deathly Hallows"

I was just browsing the HP Lexicon and came across this: HPL: Wands: “Unicorn tail hairsCedric, Neville, and Ron all have wands with unicorn tail hairs in them. This is a bit disturbing because of the following exchange from PS15: ‘Yeah,’ said Hagrid, glancing up, too. ‘Listen, I’m glad we’ve […]

Eskimo Joe

This room is like, the belly of a ghost… That was the awesome beginning to the Eskimo Joe concert I went to last Friday…well, maybe not the official beginning because Little Birdy played to, but it was the beginning of Eskimo Joe’s act. The night started with Little Birdy who […]