You got your point across @sarah_mcv on @triplejHack Clearly @MarkBaileyMP would rather plead ignorance than actually find out if there is any impact of large solar farms on ground soil — Derek Whitten (@derekjwhitten) November 8, 2017

Just joined the queue for @thekillers at gate 6. Pretty long and still growing! #aflgrandfinal2017 — Derek Whitten (@derekjwhitten) September 30, 2017

27 bags used by @woolworths to pack 55 items in my online shop. @craigreucassel wonder how this will work with their bag ban? #WarOnWasteAU — Derek Whitten (@derekjwhitten) August 26, 2017

Really could've done with some #floopowder tonight when @metrotrains came to a stand still! #metrotrains #harrypotter #melbourne — Derek Whitten (@derekjwhitten) July 13, 2017

Excited to find two graves on @BillionGraves! Just set up family notifications on all my ancestors — Derek Whitten (@derekjwhitten) July 3, 2017

Surprised to see this in my @facebook feed after hearing about it on @triplejHack Hopefully helps in the search for Milena — Derek Whitten (@derekjwhitten) June 23, 2017