Marriage Certificates To Share

Throughout my family tree research, I’ve purchased a number of Marriage Certificates of my ancestors.  For the older records, I’ve found that multiple records were often documents on a single page, so that along the way I’ve acquired several certificates for people who are not related to me.

Thought I’d share a summary of the records here in the hopes that if someone is researching the history of these people, they’ll stumble across my page. If any of these people are related to you and you’d like details of the full record, don’t hesitate to contact me via the comments!

Spouse 1 Spouse 2 Place Year
Francis Augustus Muller Susannah Mary McRoberts Brisbane 1889
Benjamin Joseph Ingham Mary Cooke Brisbane 1889
Mr Mahomed Mary Mabel Sinclair Brisbane 1889
John Hunter Susan Godfrey Geelong 1892
Frederick ??? Nellie Hussey Geelong 1892
Norman Charles Grubb Annie Thomas Melbourne 1895
Michael Keane Mary Catherine Bridget Teely Melbourne 1886
William D??? Agnes Murray Collingwood 1858
William Johnston Elizabeth McAlister Collingwood 1858
John ?Preston? Elizabeth Kerr Collingwood 1858

Edited 5/09/2016: Added three more marriages in 1858.

Child Father Mother Place Date
Mary Ann Willoughby Henry Willoughby Houora Willoughby (nee Daly) Clunes 30/08/1869
Mark Thomas Martin Richard Bowden Martin Hannah Martin (nee Davey) Clunes 13/09/1869
Margaret Alicia Hickey James Hickey Roseanna Hickey (nee Dillon) Clunes 06/10/1869
Clara Bullock John Bullock Jane Bullock (nee Butson) Clunes 26/09/1869
James Webb Thomas Webb Grace Webb (nee Ford) Clunes 26/08/1869

Edited 11/09/2016: Added five births in 1869.

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Great idea Derek… and even better still it brought me to your blog.

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