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Vegas, Baby!

Today was a travel day. Throughout my holiday most flights had been scheduled at night, but this was a morning flight. In future I think I’d try harder to have all my flights of an evening, because it seems to make much better use of the day. My bags were […]


This afternoon I had a trip to Alcatraz booked for 2.30pm, which left me the morning to explore more of the city. It was a beautiful clear day which was a pleasant change after the rain the day before. I hadn’t spent much time in Downtown San Francisco, so I […]

A quiet day in San Francisco

Today was Memorial Day across the US. In my mind this is something similar to Anzac Day in Australia, which means a lot of places are closed for the day. Earlier in my trip I had thought it would be a good day for Alcatraz, but unfortunately I left it […]

Exloring San Francisco

After an early night and a decent sleep in, I was feeling more energetic today. My throat was still a bit sore, and my nose a little snuffly, but not enough to stop me from going out and exploring San Francisco. I started the day with breakfast back at the […]

Off to the west coast

Four hours after going to sleep, I was awake again. Foolishly I had booked my Jettly flight from Orlando for 7am, without thinking about what that would mean in terms of getting to the airport in the wee hours of the morning. A shuttle bus was coming at 3.30am, and […]

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Today was the big day!  I was off to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The park opens at 9am, and I’d already purchased and printed my ticket.  I’d heard that lines often start quite early, so I wanted to get there nice and early. The hotel I was staying […]

US archives

This was my last day in DC. My flight out was scheduled for 5.55pm so I had some time to enjoy DC for a little bit longer. Julie and I both wanted to visit the Archive of the United States of America so we went there after breakfast and check […]

Spies, American Indians and astronauts

When we set out today, we were planning to go back to the Space and Air Museum, but on the way we came across the Spy Museum so stopped there first. It was a lot of fun! We started off playing a 1 hour game. There were just over 10 […]