Time for some washing

I’m sitting here enjoying a hot chocolate while I wait for a load of washing to finish. It’s the end of Day 3 of training. So far the week’s going pretty well. I’m getting over my jet lag, with today being the first day I didn’t feel like I was going to fall asleep at lunch. We had networking drinks after training yesterday where I met some people from France and Germany. There’s an interesting mix of people in the training – about half are from Australia, but there are others from France, Germany, Bratislava, Czech Republic, Italy, Montreal and a couple from the US!

Not a lot has been happening outside of training. Yesterday before dinner I went for a walk around the grounds, and there are some photos below. It’s really beautiful, with a pond, lots of trees and a river running along out the back. I think the Center has been built on an old golf course, and the club house is still there as well, now converted into a restaurant and bar.

Tonight after dinner a few of us went into St Charles to see what was there. We missed the free shuttle by a minute (it was early!) so shared a cab. Between the four of us it was only $5 each so that wasn’t too bad. We visited Walmart to see what it’s like, but I think we found one of the smaller ones. Still interesting to see groceries, clothes, kitchen appliances, hardware, gardening equipment and plants all under one roof! We went from there to a shopping centre looking for a phone shop to buy a SIM card. No luck with the SIM because the shopping centre was deserted! There was actually a sign on the wall saying it was a walking mall!

Charlestowne Mall, the “walking mall”
About 10 shops in this huge shopping centre were open

We asked someone where we could find a phone shop and they said we should head another 5 minutes down the road. We walked for about 15 but had no luck. Instead we visited Super Target. It looked a lot like our Target but had a similar range to Walmart, including groceries, liquor and a pharmacy! It was huge, way bigger than the Walmart. After wandering around for a little while we called the cab and made our way back to Q Center.

Some lollies I bought at Walmart

We played Wii for a little while, then went to the games room for Foosball and pool where we met a guy from Russia. After that it was down to the laundry to put on a load of clothes so I have a full set again when we head off on Friday. Only two more days of training to go before I start my holiday – getting very excited! I’ve been getting some good ideas from other people as well – there’s going to be a lot to see.

Anyway, I should head off to bed now because it’s getting late. Good night!

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