Brooklyn and the rain

Since we had so much time in New York, we wanted to visit Brooklyn at some point. There’s a food market there on Sundays so we decided today was a good day to go. The only problem? It had decided to seriously rain.

I had packed a light rain coat for emergency showers, but wasn’t really prepared for proper rain. Hoping it would clear up we caught the subway out to Brooklyn (about 30-40 minutes from our apartment) only to find it was even heavier there. We walked in the rain, hoods on our heads and me wearing my rain jacket, then sheltered in the first cafe we could find. We were going to find somewhere nice for breaky, but the weather didn’t lend itself to exploring.

Turned out the place we went had really good egg and bacon rolls, and their coffee was pretty good too. We sat there trying to work out our next move. We decided to find somewhere that we could buy an umbrella. We stopped in a supermarket, where I asked a man who was up a ladder if they sold them. He replied and pointed towards the front of the store, but I didn’t understand him so I asked again. Three tries later I realised he didn’t speak English and was indicating for me to ask the girl at the checkout. Whoops!

They didn’t have any, but another shop down the road did. We each bought one, and it was the best $3.50 (tax included!) that we’ve spent all holiday. After that we were quite happy to go for a walk, so we went to the park and spent about half an hour walking in the rain. The park looked really nice and it’s a shame the weather wasn’t better. Glad we persevered and saw some of it though.

Brooklyn library on the edge of the park

The food market was closer back to the Brooklyn Bridge so we caught another train to get as close as possible and minimise our walking in the rain. We stopped for shelter and another coffee near the station, then started walking to the market but it was getting windy and we were getting wetter so decided to give it a miss. The others caught the subway back to Manhattan, but I already had plans to meet up with one of the members of Harry Potter Haven so I stuck around. She was about 40 minutes away so I figured I might as well try for the market.

The market was at an old tobacco warehouse so we had assumed it would be undercover. Unfortunately the warehouse no longer has a roof! The market was there with all the stalls but there weren’t many people shopping. I took a quick look and it seemed really good, with different foods from local manufacturers and shops. I managed to take a closer look at the Brooklyn Bridge as well which was good, because we couldn’t see it very well from the subway station. Originally I had plans to walk over the bridge, but that was when I had expected blue skies and sunshine. Given the weather there was no way I was going to cross the bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge in the rain

Shoshana arrived about an hour after the other’s had left. She was driving, so we went to Queens to visit the Museum of the Moving Image. It’s a really interesting exhibit with all sorts of things about movies. It covers make up, costumes and props and then goes through the art of marketing films and creating merchandise and collectibles. There was a particularly interesting section on masks and modifying the appearance of actors.

Examples of how the mask was made for Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire
Life size model of Yoga. He probably came up to about my waist

On the top floor they cover things like a film’s soundtrack, sound effects, recording voices and creating animations. There were heaps of interactive displays in this section – we could change the background music for some famous film scenes to see how it impacts the mood; there was another section where sound effects could be changed, again highlighting how they add to a scene; there was a section where we could rerecord the words for a scene, and I recorded some lines for Dorothy in Wizard of Oz (Shoshana filmed it so I’ll have to link to a copy of the video); and finally there was a section where we were filmed for 5 seconds doing something and they printed it onto a flip book – a very cool souvenir!

After that we went across the road to Starbucks and had a chat. It was really good to meet her in person, having dealt with her on HPH for the last 4 years or so.

Shoshana and I outside Starbucks

Shoshana dropped me back near Times Square and I met up with the others again. You’ll never guess what we had for dinner! (Mexican…) The next morning Stephen was leaving for Pittsburg where he’ll be working on taxi, so we said good bye to him before going back to the apartment and getting ready to pack up and leave the next day.

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