What a drive!

Sitting in Vienna at the moment – just arrived this afternoon. It wa clear skies, sunshine and 30 degrees when we got here. We were walking past some shops, and there was a Barometer in a window saying there was a likely chance of rain. We laughed and walked on, and now it’s pouring, thundering and cold! Looks like Melbourne has caught up with us. Hopefully it’ll clear by the morning so we can enjoy our day here.

The toga party last night was a lot of fun. A bit weird dressing up in a sheet…but we had a great time. I’ll write more on that soon when I catch up to Venice, but for now it’s time for Nice.

After our peaceful visit in Switzerland, it was back on the bus to journey to Nice on the French Riviera. It was quite a long drive, so we had to be up for breakfast at 7:30 (the starts got earlier and earlier, with the earliest breakfast so far being 7am – tomorrow’s a sleep in though with breakfast at 8:30!!)

So back on the bus, and off we went. We had to leave so early because we were told the traffic would be bad later. Even with such an early start the traffic was bad. To get there, we went through a tunnel (the longest in Europe!) and unfortunately the tunnel was only one lane wide in each direction. So the three lane highway had to narrow down to one. We were stopped in traffic for about 45 minutes when we got to the tunnel. The wait was so long that people in cars around us were getting out to smoke, stretch there legs, and one person even squatted on the side of the road for a toilet stop! Classy…

We stopped for lunch in an Italian cafe/restaurant/petrol station, which was packed. The ordering system was a bit unusual (and followed us through most of Italy the following days). We had to order and pay at one counter, then take the receipt to another counter to collect the food. We even had to do this for gelati at one shop in Rome!

Sitting on a bus is surprisingly tiring, but I’ve been rediscovering songs on my iPod which helps break up the trip.

When we finally got to Nice we were a bit disappointed to see the hotel after our upgrade in Paris, and the nice camp ground in Switzerland. It was tucked down a narrow side street a couple of doors down from a strip club, and there were groups of guys hanging around the streets as well. Here alcohol is allowed in public, and is sitting on supermarket shelves beside water and soft drink, so most of the people hanging around on the streets are also drinking. We were in a big group, so felt reasonably safe, but we certainly wouldn’t have wanted to wander by ourselves.

Dinner was delicious – three courses! Salad, a very tender beef dish, and the yummiest profiteroles I’ve ever had (see below 😛 )


After dinner we headed to the beach and wandered for a bit, before heading to the hotel to sleep.
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