To Venice, via Verona

Another bus day, this time headed to Venice. It was a long day, filled with lots of driving. The regular toilet and snack stops in the morning, but a more interesting stop at Verona in the afternoon.

Verona is the home to Romeo and Juliet, and we were able to check out Juliet’s balcony. The town was very pretty, and the area we were in was foot traffic only which makes for a peaceful time (it’s a relief not having to worry about which way to check for cars!)

We wandered the market stalls in Verona as well, and finished our visit with a final gelati (now that we’re not in Italy any more, it’s easier to walk past a gelati stand without buying something…)

We stayed in a campground again at Venice, which was similar to the last two stops. We were lucky to have a room for four, with only three people. It was set out for a family, with two separate bathrooms and a small kitchen/dining area! There were quite a lot of mossies around, so we covered up with repellant. Didn’t get bitten too much in the time we were there though, so it wasn’t too bad.

Well, that’s all for now. We’re in Budapest at the moment, where the weather is significantly cooler, and it’s raining a bit. Heading out to visit a castle and labarynth, and see some other sites as well.

Bye for now!

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