The Swiss Alps

What a fun day! We woke pretty early to catch the Jungfrau railway up the mountain. It was a pretty slow journey, but the countryside was lovely which helped to pass the time. As we got higher, a lot of the track went through tunnels (I was disappointed we left Australia before getting to drive through the new tollway tunnel at home, but there are soooo many tunnels here in Europe that the novelty of driving underground is starting to wear off…).

The mountain peak we visited was the hightest mountain in Europe, and we went as high as they would let us.

There was an ice palace (which was chilly, but not as cold as I had expected), and lots of great lookout points. We had a brief snow fight (the snow was fresh and fluffy…I don’t think I’ve seen such soft snow before!) and tasted the snow as well (just like a snow cone at a fair…but better :P) We just had jeans, t-shirt and a jumper on (I had a singlet and skivvy in my backpack, but I definitely didn’t need them – actually got a little bit sunburnt!)

Salad rolls for lunch on the top lookout, before heading down a little lower for mini tobogan rides. We were hoping to go for a huski ride as well, but unfortunately it was too hot for the dogs (I never thought I’d say that it was “too hot” at the snow! but it was actually warmer outside than it was inside).

Being in Switzerland we ate lots of chocolate (at such a high altitude we got puffed very easily, and felt a bit light headed at times – we had been told chocolate was the best remedy. Perfect!)

We ended up coming back just in time for dinner – it was a really fun day, one of the highlights so far.

Well…that’s the end of my update for now because the camp ground has organised a toga party for tonight, and have given us spare sheets for the occasion! Time to go and get dressed for a fun night.

Looking forward to posting again!

Hope everything’s well at home.

Bye for now,


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