The journey so far…


The last few days have been very exciting, and pretty exhausting.

Our flights to Tokyo went well, except that our luggage was left behind at Brisbane. We filled out a form at Narita airport, and they told us that our luggage would meet us in London. So, with no spare clothes (well…I had none, but Bud was organised and had crammed some into his hand luggage) we headed to the airport. Didn’t really have any difficulties finding our way to the bus stop, or the hotel – all went smoothly.

I wanted to find a shop to get a t-shirt or something to sleep in, but we checked into our room first. And, there on the bed were two kimonos! No need to buy anything to sleep in! And it was reasonably comfortable.

We enjoyed noodles, sushi, fruit and Japanese tea for dinner, and went for wander before heading to bed.

Getting to the airport the next day was hassle free, and when we checked in we were told our luggage had made it and was on its way to London. While we were waiting for the flight, we were paged to the boarding gate and were a bit worried, but it was just to tell us again that our luggage had made it.

Flight to Helsinki was long, but fortunately the plane had individual TV screens with lots of movies and TV shows to choose from. An episode of Boston Legal, Family Guy, and Ice Age later, Bud and I were sharing tunes on iPod and wishing the second half of the flight would go quicker. It didn’t, but it was exciting to be getting where we were going so that helped pass the time.

At Helsinki we had to go through customs, even though we weren’t leaving the airport, which was a bit daunting because the staff there seemed very serious and efficient. Still, with nothing to smuggle we had no problems.

More to come soon…I’m going to have to post now because I’ve only got 1 minute of internet left.

Hope everyone’s well!

Bye for now 😉

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