So Nice…

Although Nice had been a bit disappointing the night we arrive, it certainly made up for it during the day. With the shops open and people out and about the city was much more attractive.

There wasn’t anything planned by Topdeck so the day was ours. We slept in (only until 8…) and had croissants for breakfast. Since we’d been gone for a week, most of us needed to wash our clothes so a group of us head to the laundry to do that – yay!

Then we headed to the main street and checked out a few shops while we headed towards the ‘Old Town’ where there was a market and lunch. I had a delicious pizza for lunch (probably should’ve held out until Italy, but it was as good as (if not better) than the pizzas we had in Italy, so it was definitely worth it). While we were eating a lady came into the square and started singing to the crowd which was nice.

We browsed the markets for a bit, but it was really hot so we made our way down to the beach. The night before the beach looked pretty average, especially since there was no sand! The beach is covered in large pebbles, a bit like a creek bed. I’d been carrying my thongs in my backpack ready for the beach, forgetting there was no sand…so that was a bit silly, but made putting shoes and socks on afterwards pretty easy.

The water was warm, and the stones smoother than I had expected. Rocks are great for lying on though, so once out of the water we didn’t spend much time on the beach. We did have a photo though (taken courtesy of the topless lady sunbathing beside us!)

Nice beach

From the left we have me, Katie (from Brisbane, she speaks French which was very helpful in Paris and Nice!), Natasha (from Sydney), Eric (Canada), Bud and Andrew (California). All of us, except Andy, ventured around Paris together. They’re all really nice, and so far we’ve all wanted to see similar things which worked out well. Andy joined Bud and I at the snow in Switzerland.

We were headed to Monte Carlo casino that night, and Bud didn’t have a shirt with a collar, so the girls went shopping, and Bud, Andy and I made our way back to the hotel, via the shops in search for a shirt. We didn’t have any luck (they were all pretty expensive…) so he borrowed one from Eric which worked out well.

So it was back on the bus that night for a quick trip to Monaco where we all got dressed up and (pretended) to be rich and famous. We stopped at some sights along the way, then had an hour at the Casino before heading back to the hotel.

Monte Carlo casino

We had to pay to get inside, but it was worth it. The building was lovely inside, and unlike Crown it was very quiet, and there weren’t any flashing lights! (except in a room off to the side where the pokies were) Tried my luck at roulette, lost and decided that Euros are too valuable to waste anymore than 10. Still, it was fun to check it out.

So, overall Nice was nice, and well worth the visit!

Heading to bed now for an early night (combined with a sleep in!!) for a, hopefully, refreshing sleep.

Bye for now!

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