Paris to Lauterbrunnen

Before I go on, there are some pictures linked at the right of the blog. If you click the link below they should come up bigger. I’m uploading them from my phone, and for some reason they’re hidden until I click a button on the computer, so hopefully I’ll work out a better way to do it…Anyway, check them out 😉

So…today (well…it was a few days ago, but I’m going to write it like it just happened…lol) we travelled from Paris to Switzerland. It wasn’t a particularly exciting day (travel days generally aren’t…) but the scenary once we got to Switzerland was beautiful! It was so picturesque – just like something out of a movie.

We stayed in a camp ground (which I was a bit iffy about at first…but it turned out to be great – simple (but clean) rooms, nice food, and a beautiful location.

We checked out the bar after dinner, and played some games before heading to bed.

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11 years ago

Think Switxerland sounds just magical. Pity about the Huskies. Sounds as if it rains at times just like Melbourne. Still think you are doing a great jos keeping us up to speed when you are so busy. I know that you like a sleep-in too!!! Still you can sleep later –you don’t want to miss a moment. That was a nice gesture for the “topless girl” to take your photo. love Kathyooxx