On to Polland

After a busy day in Budapest, it was on to Krakow in Polland.

A detour early in the drive meant we travelled through a couple of small towns in Hungary which were quiet and pretty (although the detoured traffic propably spoilt the peace for the locals…)

There weren’t any exciting stop offs along the way, but for the next day we were going on a Schindler’s list tour in Krakow, so we watched the movie on the bus along the way. I hadn’t seen it before, so it was really good to watch it before arriving in Krakow because we actually saw some places that were used in the film.

Our accomodation for Polland was a hotel which was reasonably good. We wandered to the supermarket before dinner (because it’s much cheaper to buy food there rather than at petrol stations along the way) but it was a ‘membership only’ discount store which was no use to us. After dinner we sat around and played cards then headed off to bed!

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Dear Derek’ Glad you saw Schindler’s List before you got to the location. I think there must have beemakes people want to live and take risks to help others. I think n so much hate but then so much bravery and compassion that Poland sounds lovely. Glad you missed the spas— a bit like the theme parks–you can do that here. Emma will be pleased about Gloria Jeans –it is her favourite coffee.
Sounds like you have relaxing nights–card playing and now singing along with the guitar.
Love heaps’ kathy oxoxo


Daer Derek’ I love reading your blog and really like replying as you go to so much trouble and as Rachel says you are so interesting. However I feel like throwing the computer out the window as it takes me forever to do this as it never recognises my email address—so frustrating!!!!!


Thanks Kathy – you’re doing great at replying!

Love you 🙂


U speelt polland rong

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