Hello everyone. Thanks for your comments and good wishes! Great to hear from everyone.

We’re in Nice at the moment, and are taking the morning to do some laundry and catch up on ourselves – it’s been a busy few days!

London was great. We only had one day there, and there’s still heaps to see and do when we go back there after the tour.

The hostel was quite nice – the room was clean, small and simple, but really all you need when there’s so much else to do. We were utterly exhausted after the flight – I think the 10 hour time difference really threw me. It wasn’t really until the third day we’d been here that mid-afternoon didn’t feel like bed time.

London morning we wandered through some gardens on our way to Buckingham Palace where we watched the changing of the guard. We got there about 15 minutes early, and there were already people everywhere. The building was impressive (we only saw the outside). The actual changing of the guard took about an hour which was a surprise, but they marched, the band played and it was good to watch.

We headed to Westminster Abbey after that (took some photos of Big Ben on the way), and spent an hour or so looking around. There were audio guides as well explaining the different chapels and artwork (narated by Jeremy Irons – you would’ve loved him mum!) The windows and carvings were incredible, but unfortunately we couldn’t take photos. We headed to towards London Eye after that, but decided it wasn’t worth queing for an hour so will probably book a ticket online before we go back to London. Had lunch on the river, then just wandered through some smaller London streets checking out the sights.

A traditional English dinner of soup, bangers and mash and apple crumble ended the night nicely, and we crashed in bed back at the Hostel ready for an early start the next day.

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12 years ago

Dear Derek, except for the hotel in Nice being in the red-light area is the rest of the place old and grotty or quite romantic? Was the beach lovely{ I nearly said “nice”. Arebyou buying little useful reminders of each plce? This blog is great as a diary so you wont forget your trip. Think it is wonderful how you make the time to do it. Love you, kathy oxoxox

12 years ago

Hi Kathy.

Thanks for your message 🙂 Ive been buying a keyring at each city, and have picked up a few other little bits and pieces along the way.

After we spent a day in Nice it was “nice”. Once we hit the main shopping strip and the beach it was lovely.

Talk to you later!