A stop off at Bratislava

Left Vienna after breakfast, headed for Budapest in Hungary.

On the way we stopped at Bratislava in Slovakia for about 90 minutes. We wandered the market briefly, then grabbed some lunch. Lauren, our tour guide, had recommended some fancy looking pizza cones (pizza base shapped like an ice cream cone, stuffed with pizza toppings) but since we were only there for an hour or so we didn’t have any local currency. They were supposed to take Euros as well, but the lady in the shop apparently didn’t like us. A few people from our tour paid Euros, then she told us that we couldn’t pay Euros! We spent the next 30 minutes looking for another pizza cone shop, but had no luck. After wasting time looking, we looked inside a restaurant, and the guy there kindly offered to make us a take away kebab (even though it was a sit down restaurant) in about 10 minutes. It what seems to be true European style the 10 minutes were actually 20, but we got to the bus in time, and the kebab was good.

The city was quite nice, but the buildings seemed older, or at least more plain, than the other counrties we had visited. It was a nice break in the driving day though.

When we got to Budapest we had a driving tour around the city, and got off at a few places as well for photos and a look around. It was dry, but cloudy, when we got there, but at one of the stop offs we left the bus, climbed a hill and were supposed to get back on at the top. As we climbed it started to rain, then at the top it was bucketting down – and there was no bus! We all got soaked while Lauren called Craig (the driver) to find where he was (Craig hadn’t been there before, so wasn’t too familiar with the area…) It turned out, we were waiting just around the corner from him… Fortunately we went straight to the hostel after that anyway, so could dry off.

The hostel wasn’t particularly fancy, six of us in a room, and not much floor space. There were no other services there either (like laundry, kitchen etc), and only one computer! Toilets were communal (which actually worked out ok because with 6 in a room there can be quite a queue for the shower in the morning if there’s only 1!)

We had dinner at a local restaurant, and were told we could order anything on the menu! I had a really nice beef gulyas, but there was a huge steak platter on the menu that quite a few people had (Bud included). It was enourmous, and came out on a wooden plate almost a metre long! I’ve got a photo, but can’t get it online at the moment, so stay tuned!

That’s all the updating for now – my hour’s almost up.

Today we wandered Prague which is a really nice city, with lots to see. And I bought a Harry Potter marrionette which is really cool (just need to work out how best to bring him home!)

Bye for now!

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12 years ago

Funny how some people give that little bit extra like the kebab man and others {no matter where you are in the world } can be mean spirited and off-hand. Ah well. Those people have bad karma. Jessica loved Prague so did Johnnie Bags. Jess actually left her back pack there as it was too heavy!! Harry Potter marionette sounds gorgeous. A mother in my grade years ago brought me back a nun from Prague. Love you Kathy oxoxo

12 years ago

Hey Derek! Pfft, that was nasty of the pizza cone person… gah! it’s nice that you got those kebabs though :0) glad everything worked out ok in the end. You are awesome at describing everything, almost feels like being there!! sounds kinda creepy about the catacombs at St Peter’s – it would have been an experience to remember, at any rate! the gondola ride sounds like it was enjoyable – the view must’ve been amazing, and it does sound peaceful. can’t wait to see more of your pics when you get back! – Rach PS: A Harry Potter marionette? Wow!… Read more »

12 years ago

Yeah, Prague was really beautiful. We saw it at day and night as well which was great. The older buildings were well lit, and stood out against the dark sky.

There were so many marrionettes! They’re amazing. Played with Harry last night, and was super protective of him on the bus today! Going to be tricky to bring home…

Time for another post…