Eskimo Joe

I bought the Eskimo Joe “Black Fingernails Red Wine” album today. Thought I should, since I love their music so much.

And, it’s the special ‘Beating Like a Drum’ edition with a bonus CD of 6 remixed tracks! Very cool!!

I almost bought Mika’s “Life In Cartoon Motion” album as well, but figured one lot of $20 was enough for one week.

Anyway…I’m off to have another listen!

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pfft! you and your one album a week! at least you’re slowly coming around to my way of thinking. i’ll convert you to a cd-purchaser yet!!

so, is mika next week, or evermore?

*sticks out tongue* why not both? 🙂

good luck with the indo,

– Rach


lol I don’t know which…but I think I’ll definitely be buying one or the other!

Found some Mika videos on youtube – I wish he had come to Melbourne as well!! -grumbles-

Anyway…I’ll let you know what I end up getting 😉


hehe, eagerly awaiting the update on which cd… by the way, evermore are cheap at bug w… *checks catalogue* ok, i can’t find the catalogue, but they’re cheap. might invest in it myself :0P

– Rach