Missy Higgins

On Wednesday night I went with Nick, Andrew, Ryan and Amy to see Missy Higgins at the Palais. It was a much better night than I had expected!

First off, Nick, Ryan and I went to ‘Soul Mama’, a vegetarian restaurant in the old St Kilda Baths. It’s a buffet type meal, except that rather than helping yourself you choose a particular sized plate and then they serve a set number of dishes for you (but you get to choose from a rather wide range). It was good to try something different for a change. The food was quite nice, and I’d probably go back again.

The show started (or, more correctly, the doors opened…) at 8:00pm. We didn’t get in until about 8:20 and by then the support act (the winner of JJJ Unearthed – no idea who it was!!) had already finished.

Missy came on stage just before 9 and was on until almost 11! She sung a good mix of songs from both her new and old album. While the crowd was a lot more subdued than at Eskimo Joe, it was definitely more fitting to the show. With a “loungey” kind of feel, it was a relaxing performance (although there are a couple of songs you just can’t help clapping along to!)

The set was really nice, with the instruments arranged in a semi circle on a pretend hill in front of a city back drop. There were even real potted gum trees on the sides! It gave a feeling of being in a quiet park, but at times with the lights it looked like a clearing in a forest with the sun shining between the leaves.

Our seats were in row X, which as you can imagine is a long way back. But being a music performance as long as you could hear it didn’t really matter. I managed to snap a few nice pics, and have uploaded some to my album.

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